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Silo Unloaders: VAN DALE
MAGNUM II Surface Drive

America's best selling silo unloader just got better!

We've been writing the book on silo unloading technology for more than 45 years. Van Dale invented and perfected the surface drive system. And the MAGNUM line of surface drive unloaders have become legendary for their performance, durability and efficiency. That's why more silos are unloaded every day by Van Dale MAGNUM unloaders than any other brand.

Now the best just got better. Introducing the new MAGNUM II unloader. It's the next generation of America's most popular unloader with more features and more performance than any other surface drive unloader on the market today.

Get more "throw-power" with your Magnum II. - NEW! 1/4 " thick "Saber Edge Augers"TM with exclusive 16" forward pitch flighting offer superior performance & unmatched durability!


POW' R-RING Ring Drive
or over 45 years, Van Dale has led the way when it comes to silo unloader technology. First we invented and perfected the surface drive system. Then we applied our expertise to develop a better center drive machine. Now all those years of experience come into play with the Pow'R Ring ring drive unloader. Quite possibly, we saved the best for last!

From its hardworking, direct coupling free-floating drive and large 7' 4" diameter drive ring to Van Dale's exclusive twin "Saber Edge" augers and Hi-Perform impeller, the Pow'R Ring unloader combines the best in power, reliability and performance. We even gave it multi-suspension capability to adapt to a broad range of installations. Plus there's one more benefit you just can't overlook -- price.

Feature for feature, you simply won't find a better value than the Pow'R Ring unloader. It's no wonder more silos are unloaded every day with Van Dale surface and center drive unloaders than any other brands. And now that same Van Dale Advantage is available in a ring drive unloader -- the Pow'R Ring, the best -- and most affordable -- ring drive system around!


The Pow'R-Ring unloader can be installed under these common suspension systems:
Single Cable Tripod - Modified 3-Cable Tripod - 3-Cable Hexapod